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 Progressives Use Violence to Whitewash History
 by Louis DeBroux
Col Tony Shaffer – liar-nObama IRAN Deal
{rickwells.us} ~ Lt. Col Tony Shaffer joins David Asman of the Fox Business Network for a discussion of the Iran and N Korea nuclear development programs, their risks… the complicity of the liar-nObama regime and the role that they played in crafting much of the serious threats we face today and in the future. Asman recaps the goodies that liar-nObama and John hanoi-Kerry loaded Iran up with as part of this insane nuclear deal, including the release of hundreds of billions of dollars of oil revenue over time, which “gave them a standing in world power far beyond what they should have.” There’s the “airplanes full of cash” plus “We, the United States taxpayers, are subsidizing Iran’s nuclear operations by purchasing heavy water, which is a nuclear component.” Shaffer says we should also add to those considerations, with all of this returned revenue, Iran is increasing their defense budget by $800 million or more, “and most important to the overall narrative is they’re helping fund North Korea’s continued research in both miniaturization of nuclear weapons as well as ballistic missile technology…  http://rickwells.us/col-tony-shaffer-obama-iran-deal-us-financing-enemies-n-korea-nukes/
Will Nuclear Explosions In Asia Harm Americans?
by Dave Hodges
{thecommonsenseshow.com} ~ Will an Asian nuclear cloud carry to America? The answer is yes and it has happened before. A nuclear explosion anywhere in the world threatens to become part of the weather cycle. Thus, it can endanger water supplies, crops as well as livestock and humans. Here is the complete report.
Hope Hicks To Be Named White House Comms Director
by Rachel Stoltzfoos

{dailycaller.com} ~ Hope Hicks will be named the new White House communications director, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned… President Trump has offered the job to Hicks and she has accepted the position, according to a White House insider. Hicks has been close by Trump’s side since the early days of the campaign and is one of his most trusted staffers. She has been serving on the press team in more of a behind-the-scenes role as the director of strategic communications…  http://dailycaller.com/2017/08/16/exclusive-hope-hicks-to-be-named-white-house-comms-director/

Globalists, DEMS Know – When

{rickwells.us} ~ Neocon American Presidents have been very good over the years at building, or at least claiming and appearing to have built, coalitions for their military actions as a mean of providing themselves with political cover and legal protection… We’ve seen them in action as the conquering force many times before but are now, unfortunately, getting a view from the perspective of the intended vanquished. The globalists really are coming for us. When a government is overthrown one of the first casualties are its statues and monuments to the leaders of the past and the ousted administration. It only happens after the takeover, once power is in the hands of the conquering forces. We are seeing the removal of our history, particularly the white people of history taking place now, across the south, by the order of the globalist Democrat leftists. That means the enemy is already to a large degree empowered and in control of our country. The toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein is an image that was striking and indisputable evidence of the end of his regime. The “diverse” and “multi-cultural” UN style forces are already positioned within the government as we suffer the chaotic impact of the fundamental change that Hussein liar-nObama threatened. They are in place and continuing his evil work. The signal to attack has been given, the assault is underway…  http://rickwells.us/globalists-dems-know-statues-country-soon-follows/

Charlottesville Leftist Thugs
Already Named In San Jose, Berkeley Lawsuits
{rickwells.us} ~ The same goons who attacked a group of white protesters who were opposed to the destruction of their southern heritage in Charlottesville, VA, communists, BLM and AntiFa radical thugs, are being sued for conducting similar assaults in California… They’ve done it in a lot of places, often in conjunction with Trump campaign events and at the behest of George Soros, Hussein liar-nObama, liar-Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. The victims are usually the innocent patriotic Americans on the right who support President Trump and his agenda, although the death of one of their own has made the left very heavily involved in attempts to arm-twist absolution from the President. We may now be learning part of the reason why they are so desperate to have President Trump place the blame on the white people protesting the assault on their history prior to the investigation being completed. In addition to it being an opportunity to secure more power by projecting their own racism onto their opponents, a lawsuit has the potential to blow the lid off of their entire political violence operation and quite possibly land some of the miscreants in prison, both the thugs and their political and financial enablers…  http://rickwells.us/charlottesville-leftist-thugs-already-named-san-jose-berkeley-lawsuits/
 Progressives Use Violence to Whitewash History 
By Louis DeBroux:  The awful violence this past weekend in Charlottesville is the inevitable culmination of the Left’s goal of achieving the complete eradication of opposing viewpoints. Whitewashing history (pardon the pun) and engaging in political violence are tools to that end.
          As the Dallas Morning News observantly noted, “History is not easily compartmentalized. It isn’t simply right versus wrong, black versus white, or blue versus gray. But there’s an entire crowd of folks who want to do just that because they believe it is all those things, and most egregiously, they believe there is an individual right for all to go through life unoffended.”
          Dr. Lee Cheek, senior fellow of the Alexander Hamilton Institute, concurred, noting, “The events in Charlottesville have no connection to understanding the political traditions of the American South, and everything to do with battles among professional ideologues without any attachment or knowledge of the historical situation.”
          Millions of Southerners are proud of their heritage for reasons that have nothing to do with slavery. They revere Confederate General Robert E. Lee, who stated in 1856, five years before the commencement of the War Between the States, “Slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil in any country.” Lee is heralded as a brilliant military strategist who served America faithfully in the Mexican War and as Superintendent of West Point. However, when called upon by President Abraham Lincoln to lead Union forces against the seceding South, he declined, incapable of bearing arms against his family, friends and home state. He accepted the commission as commander of Confederate forces in order to defend his beloved state of Virginia. Following the war, Lee worked tirelessly to convince his fellow Southerners to seek peace and reconciliation.
          None of this matters to the Left, though. There is no understanding of the complexities of history, no appreciation for context. Slavery has existed throughout human history, regardless of color or nationality. In fact, there are more people enslaved worldwide today than ever before, including slavery practiced by Muslims. Mohammad owned slaves. One wonders if American progressives will now call for banning all things Islamic.
          Indeed, how far will this go? Historical monuments of the Confederacy are being removed in Memphis, Lexington, Baltimore, New Orleans and elsewhere to appease angry leftists. These fascists even desecrated an Atlanta monument dedicated to unity and reconciliation.
          Violent leftists have rioted in recent years in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, Charlotte, Berkeley, DC, Oakland and other cities, destroying businesses, setting cars on fire, and dragging people from their cars and beating them, declaring their right to do so because of past and current “injustices” — such as hearing words they don’t like.
          As detestable as the KKK and white supremacists are, they have a right to speak and to peaceably assemble. Our First Amendment was written specifically to protect unpopular speech, and we show our own intolerance by silencing those with whom we disagree. The violence in Charlottesville would not likely have occurred had not the leftist agitators shown up looking to pick a fight, though the murderous Nazi thug is obviously responsible for his own actions. So again we ask, how far does this go?
          Do we eliminate all monuments to Democrat/progressive hero Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who opposed anti-lynching legislation, turned a blind eye to the Nazi eradication of Jews, and imprisoned 100,000 Japanese-Americans? What about progressive icon and racist Woodrow Wilson, who re-segregated the federal workforce?
          Progressives have already declared war on Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, who owned slaves but sought to prohibit slavery in the newly formed nation. They now call for taking down the Jefferson Memorial.
          Even Lincoln, author of the Emancipation Proclamation, is not immune to leftist hatred. The Lincoln Memorial was desecrated Tuesday. Is that because Lincoln, a staunch opponent of slavery, was willing to save it in order to preserve the Union, or because he also believed in the superiority of the white race?
          If we truly want to rid our nation of its shameful history regarding racism, let’s start by abolishing the racist Democrat Party. After all, it was the Democrats who waged war to preserve slavery, founded the KKK, enacted Jim Crow laws, and fought against Republican efforts to pass the Civil Rights Act.
          Democrat President Andrew Jackson owned slaves and signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
          It was Harry Truman who wrote to his wife, “I think one man is just as good as another so long as he’s not a n—er or a Chinaman.”
          It was the Democrat Party that praised Senator and former KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd until his death a few years ago, a man who filibustered the Civil Rights Act for 14 hours. It was Lyndon Johnson, a virulent racist but a political pragmatist, who told two Southern Democrat governors his signing of the Civil Rights Act would “have those n—ers voting Democrat for 200 years.” And it’s Johnson’s “Great Society” that has yielded today’s urban poverty plantations, where blacks slaughter other blacks without too much notice from the Leftmedia.
          What about liar-Bill Clinton, whining of the upstart liar-nObama, “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags”? Or the absolute devotion of Democrats to Planned Parenthood, founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger for the express purpose of exterminating blacks through abortion and sterilization? According to Tuskegee University, the KKK lynched 3,446 blacks in 86 years. Planned Parenthood is a white supremacist’s dream, killing more blacks in two weeks than the KKK killed in a century. And the Democrat Party fights to ensure that $500 million a year in taxpayer funds is funneled to Planned Parenthood to kill all of those black babies.
          Surely we could at least agree to remove the Seattle monument to Vladimir Lenin? Anyone? Anyone?
          How far do we go? Are we willing to engage in violence and oppression of opposing viewpoints? If so, then Charlottesville will only be the beginning.  ~The Patriot Post
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